Williams Emergency Vehicle Technicians (WEVT)









Who They Are:

Williams Emergency Vehicle Technicians (WEVT), located at 867 Middlebrook Ave. in Staunton, provides both repair and maintenance services to all types of fire devices, ambulances, and rescue vehicles. Coupling this with the fact that the company is the authorized service center of the Stuphen Corporation, a fire device manufacturer based out of Ohio, for VA, Eastern TN, and parts of WV, make it a valuable addition to the Staunton Community.    

Entrepreneurial Philosophy:

When asked about the benefits of WEVT, CEO Judy Williams had this to say: “We are employing local people, meeting a pressing need for quality service with competitive pricing in the emergency vehicle service and repair arena, and we are economically viable.  In addition, our business meets the SCCF’s socially equitable mission component. And, ours is a company with an environmental focus.”   

How did you get here?

 Craig Williams, WEVT partner and technican, came up with the idea for WEVT in 2008.  Not long after, he approached his father with the idea and by January of 2009 WEVT opened its doors for business. Their family run business with its high quality workmanship and environmentally friendly service has been going strong ever since!



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