Ron Ramsey/Bookworks

Who they are:

Bookworks is a downtown Staunton bookstore that serves up a little of everything — modern fiction, the classics, non-fiction essays, children’s literature, even local history and books by local authors.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy:

“I had never worked retail before in my life.” But thanks to a lot of community support Ron is thinking in the long-term, this isn’t just a change of life for him, it’s now a way of life. There used to be another small bookstore in Staunton, but when it closed the closest one was a chain store at the mall which also closed. Ron and his wife heard about this and thought it was just wrong so they developed Bookworks. And that leap of faith is working out for Ron. He hosts book signings for local/regional authors and is an active member in the Staunton community.

How did you get here?

“It was my wife’s idea. She’s the reason all of this happened, it started off when she was thinking of taking over the old community bookstore and I would help out on weekends, then I was running it. We opened for 8 days, closed to have our wedding, then reopened on October 1st. “Yes ma’am.” I said, I took my lead from her.”

The stock at Bookworks varies, sometimes history seems to be popular, sometimes children’s books. Trends don’t last but a few days which can make the ordering hard, but you can tell Ron loves it, especially when someone comes in with a special order. One thing Ron doesn’t get to do anymore is read, he’s too busy trying to find the best stock for us. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying every aspect of the business.

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In person: 101 West Beverley Street, Staunton, VA 24401-4204  phone: (540) 887-0007‎

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