George Bowers Grocery

Who they are:

Good-natured couple Brian Wiedemann and Katie McCaskey run George Bowers Grocery, located at 614 West Beverley at Fayette Street.  Their premium grocery offers local, regional, and other specialty food items, as they strive to support independent producers, suppliers, and non-food vendors. They are an updated version of a grocery sharing the same name and location in 1881.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy:

Through George Bowers Grocery, Brain and Katie work to break away from the corporate constructed identity of the “food experience” by focusing on both food, or in the words of Brian, “real food and the local community.” The grocery follows the model outlined for Virginia Green certified businesses. Overall, George Bowers Grocery places value on being a locally owned business within a triple bottom line to serve the neighborhood, community, and environment. Their goal is to better serve the community and enhance the Staunton City identity.

How did you get here?

Katie is an area native who left the Valley and came back, from New York City, with Brian in 2008. Wishing they had a grocery in walking distance and realizing Staunton was without a premium grocery store, the couple decided they would open up their own to cater to the local community. After learning that the building at 614 West Beverley had in fact been the flourishing grocery of George Bowers’  in Staunton in the late 1880s, they took the jump and are providing a diverse range of tasty products to the Staunton community today.


George Bowers Grocery launched an Android mobile phone app March 1, 2010. The app tracks food, farm, and restaurant news in Staunton as well as features updates from the official Virginia tourism board, among other things. This is the first app produced by a grocery store with revenues less than $10M a year. It is also the first known app produced by a specialty food retailer that covers news in the local foodshed.

Meet them:

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