Charlie’s Tool Repair

Who they are:

Charlie Cubbage is the owner and operator of Charlie’s Tool Repair located at 2203 West Beverly St. in Staunton.  The shop works on a variety of tools, both power and pneumatic, for a variety of people and companies on the local and even the state/federal levels.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy:

The “needs of others” is what Charlie reasons as to why he opened his repair business. “It doesn’t matter how slow or how well the economy is doing, everyone needs tools to work, to do their jobs, so they can continue to operate,” Charlie says. His company can fix things from lawn mowers and kitchen mixers, to tools used during construction, and even works with retail stores and government agencies when they need their tools fixed. What it comes down to is that if its broken, Charlie and his team can fix it.  

How did you get here?

Charlie’s Tool Repair runs on this basic model: “the quality of your work depends upon the condition of your tools.”  Charlie set up his business in Staunton because he found there was no convenient, close business with a friendly atmosphere, for the people of Staunton to easily get to when their tools needed to be fixed.  Being a community oriented individual, Charlie opened his tool repair business to help successfully meet the need of those in the area.

Meet Them:

Charlie’s Tool Repair
2203 West Beverley Street
Staunton, VA 24401-2903
(540) 886-8989



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