Posted by: sccf2010 | May 11, 2010

We held workshops

Growth Opportunities in the Local and Regional Foods Economy

Workshops up and down the Shenandoah Valley will bring together farmers, restaurant owners, distributors, bankers, volunteers, and government agencies to discuss growth opportunities in the local foods economy.

As national attention is focusing on both the health and environmental benefits of eating locally, entrepreneurs in the Valley still face numerous challenges in growing, marketing, and expanding their businesses. Recognizing the rising demand and strong economic opportunities in local foods, these workshops will connect farmers with grant programs, entrepreneurs with microloan funding, and provide an opportunity for individuals involved in all aspects of the local foods economy to network and learn from each other. 
Growth Opportunities for the Local and Regional Food Economy
Emerging Institutional and Regional Markets
Financing Growth for Community Farm and Food Enterprises
Perspectives of Local Farm and Food Business Owners
Networking Opportunity

Everyone — Farmers, producers, farmers market vendors, food co-op members, retailers, chefs, food distributors, and others interested in growth and network opportunities for the local and regional food economy and system related to production, season extension, aggregation of farmers and farm products, storage, packaging, logistics, distribution, retail farm-to-table options, community facilities, and value-adding processes!

We are proud to say they were very successful!!!!  


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